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The Little Match Girl

Shot in black and white, with haunting music as the sole audio, this short fairytale (an adaptation of a Hans Christian Andersen story) takes us into the world of a homeless young girl who wanders the streets of Cape Town. Actress Farren Lategan (Best Actress at the Paris Women Festival) brings tears to our eyes as she curls up alone at night in deserted corners on squalid streets, but makes us smile when she enters imaginary worlds of beauty and caring. By lighting a match she conjures moments of wonder, people who care, and, finally, her (dead) grandmother, who had loved her and with whom she is reunited. The movie ends with warmth and tenderness.


Kim Geldenhuys


Ashleigh Jarratt


Adam Bentel, SASC


Farren Lategan

Director Statement

“The film is an adaptation, a study on the homeless situation in South Africa, the world. ‘The Little Match Girl’ is about the loss of potential, especially that of homeless children in this world. It’s about avoidance and societal neglect and a reflection on social mindsets and structures. Most importantly the film is about acknowledgement and how we all need to be seen, loved, or recognised at some point, it’s one of the most fundamental human needs or desires.” Kim Geldenhuys – IDIDTHAT

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