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We believe that every child has a right to quality education

Education without Borders (EwB) has been providing after-school mentorship to youth from marginalised and educationally deprived communities in South Africa since 2002.

Funds raised from the SAFF for EwB enriches education, and opens future career choices and job opportunities for its participants, thereby strengthening families and communities, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Thanks to the generosity of donors such as you, contributions have risen from $45,000 in 2019, to $65000 in 2020, to $110,000 in 2021. In 2022 we raised $150,000 for the building of a safe meeting/training space.

Your contribution can provide life changing educational opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk children in South Africa.

In the last five years Education without Borders (EwB) has trained around 50 tutors per year, providing them with skills which have helped to mentor, educate and improve the results of over 5,000 learners.

We appeal to all our friends to help us educate children by giving generously and by encouraging your friends to follow your lead.