Education Without Borders

Established in 2002, EwB provides educational opportunities for at-risk learners through after-school programs in maths, English and science, and extracurricular activities such as choir, surfing and leadership camps.

EwB is distinctive in its care for the individual learners and tutors and follows up on psychosocial issues that arise.

Life in the townships in South Africa is brutal. Poverty is pervasive. Unemployment is at a record high. There are few opportunities.

The best chance young people have to break this cycle is through Education

Yet the education system in South Africa and particularly in the townships is in dire straits: overcrowded classes, under-resourced schools, under-skilled teachers.

After-school tutoring is an internationally recognised approach to supporting young people to overcome these obstacles and offer them a pathway to a better life

This is the space in which Education without Borders operates.

EwB’s after-school programs

  • Supplement and are coordinated with the in-school curriculum
  • Stimulate interest and engagement in academic learning
  • Enhance social-emotional development especially confidence
  • Facilitate meaningful behavioural change
  • Are small group focused to maximise learning
  • Provide a nutritious meal before sessions

A tutor tells a story

School in a box (SIB)

EwB has introduced the remarkable School in a Box to help learners achieve their full potential. SiB’s provides online and offline academic support utilising digital tablets for interactive and engaging learning. EwB is deeply appreciative of our SAFF 2021 donors for the purchase of 6 SiB’s which are being rolled out over the next few months to all EwB sites.

Response to Coronavirus

During 2020 and 2021, when schools were closed EwB maintained motivation for learning through the provision of regular worksheets. Further they provided food for learners and their families at each of the 5 EwB sites. 

Please read this letter from the Principal of Bellville South expressing his appreciation for the support of EwB during Coronavirus.

Fundraising goals for 2022

Office, Meeting and Training Hub

Up till now EwB has been relying on the infrastructure of the schools for office space and classrooms. This poses many limitations including security and weekend closures. EwB is desperate for their own office space tutor/training centre.

Please help us raise $100,000 to purchase this much needed EwB HUB

Sustaining Bellville South Schools programs

SAFF (Aus & NZ) is dedicated to maintaining an EwB program of excellence at Bellville South Primary and High Schools. With over 200 students now attending,

We need to raise $75,000 per year to sustain this program.

We APPEAL to all our friends, sponsors and donors to help us reach these targets by giving generously and pledging support for 3years

“The team of tutors which I work with have been dedicated to this program and seeing them grow with the learners has been amazing to witness. In many ways, EwB has been a beacon of change for the learners, the school, myself, the tutors and the community at large.” 

Mickayla Smith, Site Coordinator and Bellville South Primary School