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In Memoriam - Di Singer

Without Di Singer there would be no South African Film Festival.  She initiated the festival and, with Co-Founder, Claire Jankelson, drove it forward with unstinting passion.
With a well-developed capacity for deep listening, Di brought care and curiosity and gave the moment her full attention. Seldom the first to respond to an issue, she listened to others and then brought an incisive response – which was usually the shape of exactly what was needed and the direction that was then taken.
Daring with goals and vision, Di was excited to consider the big picture. She was unafraid and courageous in expanding the festival.
Bold and expansive, Di gave careful thought to the numbers and the many details. So many hours were spent in exacting spreadsheets. Documents and reports were edited again and again, ensuring that the work served our customers with consideration and thoughtfulness.
Relationships on the committee and outside were priority; yet another phone call, a checking in, a care for the soul of the other, the sending of gifts, even when the other was little known.
The South African Film Festival is eternally grateful to the extraordinary woman Di was.  She lives forever in our hearts.