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I am this water

This documentary follows a group of Khoi and San activists who are fighting to save a sacred site, INGAMIRODI !KHAES (The place where the stars gathers) also known as the Two Rivers Urban Park area in Cape Town, South Africa. This site holds great spiritual and cultural significance for the indigenous group as it is the place of prayer where they feel their ancestor’s most strongly. It is also the site of the first land dispossession as Jan Van Riebeek fenced it off and sold the land to the Dutch East Indian company in 1659. The site has therefore been an important cultural symbol and embodiment of their rituals and identities throughout centuries of language and land loss.


Mia Pentz


Kirsten Gobey


Lwando Makasi


Ashlin Winkler

These two rivers have been a point of contention several times in their history and once again these rivers are at the forefront of colonial injustice as Liesbeek Leisure Property Trust builds a R4.5 billion development on the confluence of these two rivers that will host Amazon’s South African headquarter. With this development having major financial backing and continuing to build despite the high court halting the development, it seems capitalism will once again shape the landscape of Cape Town and burry the history of its true founders under its concrete.

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