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The Gooseberry Grandmother’s Daughter

In October 2020, Malungelo ’s world came crashing down. Her mother, a tough but big-hearted woman with a bellowing singing voice was murdered. She was shot 6 times as she enjoyed afternoon tea at her kitchen table. Malungelo’s son, 13-year-old Buyile witnessed the murder. As is customary, when a visitor arrives at a Zulu homestead, the children can be asked to restrain the family dogs. Buyile and a friend were playing in the front yard when 3 strangers came to the house. As instructed by the men, the youngsters held the growling dogs back so the trio could greet Mam’Fikile inside. But, within minutes of entering the home, the assassins opened fire. What could the 63-year-old grandmother possibly have done to warrant such a violent death? Malungelo believes it is because she refused to move off her land to make way for a coalmine. Mam’Fikile had a voice, and she used it.


Julie Laurenz


Duncan Grant


Chad Bell

Sound Design

Alex Joseph


Best Director – Sandton Film Festival 2023

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