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Reflections in a broken mirror

Reflections in a broken mirror is a powerful documentary that explores how theatre makers and playwrights have attempted to reshape Afrikaner culture in alignment with the transition to a new South Africa. The film focuses on key theatre productions that challenged the dominant Afrikaner identity, using provocative imagery to reimagine the role and identity of the Afrikaner in democratic South Africa.

The plays explore unexamined areas of Afrikaner culture and reveal that there is no homogenous perspective. The key theatre productions explored are TRITS (Mis, Mirakel, Drif) (1992–1994), Donkerland (1996), Drie Susters, Twee (1997), Boklied (1998), Ek, Anna van Wyk (1999), Aars! (2001), Saad (2007), Ons vir Jou (2008), Sakrament (2009), Die kortsondige raklewe van Anastasia W. (2010) and Balbesit (2013).

The documentary features an all-star lineup of acclaimed thespians, playwrights, directors and festival organisers, including Pieter Fourie, Karen Meiring, Saartjie Botha and Marthinus Basson, among others.


Amber Fox-Martin, Philip Theron


Amber Fox-Martin


Amber Fox-Martin


Jannous Aukema


Official Selection – Encounters South African Documentary Film Festival 2023 Official Selection
Garden Route International Film Festival 2023 Nominated, Best Documentary
Garden Route International Film Festival 2023

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