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Where is Mr. Adams?

The opening night of an original amateur theatre production brings an ill-prepared cast and crew to their knees when one of the show’s major cast members, Mr. Adams, mysteriously vanishes. Michael, the director of this show, pushes on without him. The night teeters on total collapse as all moving parts of the production threaten to fail and crumble. The rising tensions caused by the chaos bring underlying issues between Michael and his lifelong friend Jordyn to the surface. This allows them to learn from one another whilst also trying to carry a stage production that was doomed from the start.


Cameron Murray

Production Design

Marc Petrelis


FC Smith


Thulani Nzonzo, Jordyn Linklater


“Energy is on high in this short film comedy and the madcap performances from Thulani Nzonzo and Jordyn Linklater drive this home as Where is Mr Adams? builds to a crescendo.” Earle Holmes – Bizcommunity

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