Veteran actress Connie Chiume brilliantly portrays Sibongile, a South African domestic worker torn between having to care for her employer’s child, while trying to stay connected with her own teenage son. When her son disappears, Sibongile has no option but to continue working, with heartbreaking results. Written and directed by Talia Smith, this intimate short drama is inspired by real events in the filmmaker’s own childhood. It takes us into the complexities around mothering, domestic work and the confronting reality of the divide between rich and poor left by the legacies of apartheid.


Online from Mon 9 May


Talia Smith


Connie Chiume, Prince Dube, Joe Mahlalela


Nora Zubizarreta


Ryan Lee

“There was so much thought, care and love that went into this story.”

  Candid Cinema – Amanda Guarragi

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