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The Untamed Voice

For decades Afrikaans music – seen as exclusively the purview of White South Africans – was used as a tool in the arsenal of Apartheid.  The Untamed Voice: A Rediscovery of Afrikaans Music gives a voice to all those musicians who didn’t fit the mould and whose contributions were consequently ignored or belittled. Riku Lätti (of “Die Wasgoedlyn”) and Gideon Breytenbach have assembled a remarkable collection of interviews and stories from a stellar group of truly representative Afrikaans musicians, placing the genre firmly back in the hands of all Afrikaans speakers. From David Kramer to Churchill and Willim Welsyn, The Untamed Voice sings out loud!


Gideon Breytenbach & Riku Lätti


Gideon Breytenbach & Riku Lätti


Gideon Breytenbach, Riku Lätti & Jackie Lätti

Sound Design

Wesley Ayliffe

Bonus Content

Two exclusive interviews. The first with Directors of The Untamed Voice, Riku Lätti and Gideon Breytenbach and the second with David Kramer, iconic South African songwriter, musician and producer as he discusses his 50-year career.

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