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Although focusing on the creative output of one company, Nando’s, Pluck avoids the trap of self-indulgence. This rollicking, warts-and-all exploration looks at how the sometimes outrageous Nando’s ads have held up a mirror to South African society. From roaring successes to cringe-worthy failures, Director Lloyd Ross gives us a deftly presented case study of the creative process behind a phenomenal marketing machine. There’s something for all audiences here: South Africans past and present will laugh out loud at the archive footage, while everyone else will be fascinated by the ability of an in-sync marketing and creative team to sell chicken while writing an alternative history of a nation.


Lloyd Ross


Advertising execs, Nando’s employees


Joëlle Chesselet

Pluck indeed wins for its approach to one of history’s more splintered political arenas.”

Filmink – John Noonan

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