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Life is Wonderful

About the film

When Denis Goldberg, then 33, was sentenced in 1964 to life imprisonment along with Nelson Mandela and others for seeking to forcibly overthrow South Africa’s apartheid government, he shouted “Life is Wonderful.” Goldberg, the only White convicted in the historic Rivonia trial, retained his optimistic outlook. Interviewed towards the end of his life, he expressed no regrets. His sentiment is echoed by two of his ageing co-defendants, Andrew Mhlangeni and Ahmed Kathrada. Interviews with the then surviving members of the Rivonia trial’s legal team, including Joel Joffe and George Bizos, capture the challenges they faced in balancing political and legal considerations. Archival footage gives historic context to this moving tribute to courage and commitment.

Audience Award Best International Documentary –Encounters South Africa International Documentary Film Festival 2018
Director, Producer & Narrator

Sir Nick Stadlen


Bonus Content

Meredith Burgmann is former President of the NSW Legislative Council and co-convenor of the Anti-Apartheid Movement's 'Stop the Tours' campaign in the early seventies. She and Sir Nick Stadlen, Former High Court Judge, share many memories as Nick speaks to his profound motivation in shaping up this beautifully crafted documentary about his good friend Denis Goldberg (passed away 2020).

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