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Hans Steek die Rubicon Oor

The headstrong 90-year-old Hans is forced into a retirement home by his estranged daughter Karla (living abroad). Once there, he faces the draconian management of Matron van Dussen, a retired jail warden, who restricts and disempowers the residents. He tries to escape, but his efforts are futile against the matron’s repressive rule. Locked and restricted inside its fortified walls, Hans becomes a rebel and activist who has nothing to lose by revolting. It’s marijuana cookies, strippers, and grand escapism in an anti-ageism revolution about growing old on your own terms.


Corne van Rooyen


Tascha van der Westhuizen, René van Rooyen


Sunel Haasbroek


Pierre van Pletzen, June van Merch, Sandra Prinsloo, Tobie Cronje


2023 Winner Silwerskerm Festival Best Film
2023 Winner Silwerskerm Festival Best Actor: Feature Film Pierre van Pletzen
2023 Winner Silwerskerm Festival Best Director: Feature Film Corne van Rooyen
Motion Pictures International Film Festival: Best Picture, Best Directing and Best Performance by an Actor.

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