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Dare to Dream: Zip Zap Circus

Dare to Dream, Zip Zap Circus takes us into the whirling, twirling lives of its young performers, who make our hearts soar as they balance fearlessly on the trapeze and juggle with joy. Dare to Dream entertains big time, but it’s as much about hope, about what young people can become if given the chance, about how mentoring and training can transform aspirations, skills and lives. Launched in 1992 by two trapeze artists with a vision and little else, Zip Zap circus has helped thousands of children from diverse backgrounds learn to be acrobats, dancers, sound technicians and makeup artists. Above all, the members of the troupe learn to dream and make their dreams come true. The film culminates with a breathtaking performance in front of 55,000 people at Cape Town’s Roger Federer stadium.


Kate Thompson-Gorry


Clément Alline, Falk Eggert


Bo Travail, Laetitia Vuitton, Producteur artistique, Jean-François Bordier


Pauline Chabauty

Bonus Content

Listen to two Zip Zap alumni chat about circus life, circus lessons, and the impact that this unique career path has had on their lives. From humble beginnings, they find themselves with passionate and international careers in circus and now living in Brussels and the USA.

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