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Dance Me to the End of Time

The moving and personal Dance Me to the End of Time is an ode to the extraordinary Nancy Diuguid, whose life was one of grace, both in the living and the leaving of it. Made by Nancy’s life partner and award-winning filmmaker, Melanie Chait, the documentary is not an extended meditation on death, but rather a celebration of an energised and involved life. The impact of pesticides, to which Nancy had been exposed in her youth, is also explored, in part by interweaving the story of Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, who documented the dangers of DDT in the 1960s. Carson’s presence runs through this film like a backbone and a doppelganger, but takes nothing away from the powerful love between Nancy and Melanie.


Melanie Chait


Tonia Moller


Nancy Diuguid, Melanie Chait

A sensitive portrayal of theatre director’s Nancy Diuguid’s life and battle with cancer.

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