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Beyond Moving

About the film

When a young Siphe November leaves his small township in South Africa to follow his dreams at Canada’s National Ballet School, he begins a remarkable journey that reveals deeply personal pulses of family, prejudice, expectation, loss, and resilience that beat beneath the surface of a beautiful and demanding art form. As he soars on stages around the world, he must navigate evolving relationships with the important people in his life: his mother, with whom he feels a profound duty to help live a better life; with his first ballet teacher, who is thrilled for Siphe but wishes he would give back to his community and with his Canadian family, who strives to help him feel at home in two countries.

Director & Writer

Vikram Dasgupta


Francesca Cimolai


Siphe November


Bonus Content

Bonus Content

In a not to be missed interview, SAFF committee member and counsellor Lynne Perl speaks to director Vikramaditya Dasgupta, and star Siphe November, the exceptionally gifted rising star of Canada’s National Ballet School and protagonist of the documentary ‘Beyond Moving’.

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