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Johnny Clegg – The White Zulu

About the film

“Johnny Clegg, the white Zulu“, Amine Mestari’s documentary, tells the story of the exceptional adventure of a committed musician, crazy for dance, who has made the world loves his vision of a South African culture. A culture that allows everyone, black and white, to express themselves and make it possible to get along. Apartheid wanted to separate blacks from whites, Johnny Clegg brought them together by mixing English and Zulu, African rhythms and rock. In the early 1970s, he invented a unique style, that is unlike any other, and made it a political art. His story and that of his music are in line with the history of South Africa and his long journey to freedom.


Amine Mestari


Eric Geniller


Mandisa Dlanga, Johnny Clegg, Seth Mazibuko


Bonus Content

Hilton Rosenthal regales us with stories during interview with Claire Jankelson, a Festival Director of the SAFF. Hilton, close friend of Johnny Clegg, is the producer and publisher of all his music.

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