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Sides of a Horn

About the film

This timely short film embraces a hybrid of dramatic and documentary styles to look at rhino poaching through two fictional antagonists, a ranger and a poacher, juxtaposing their points of view of a poaching incident that puts them both at risk. The choice to not show graphic footage of carnage gives Sides of a Horn unique power and impact. Supported by Sir Richard Branson, the film offers important insight into why people choose to engage in poaching, revealing the dilemmas and dualities in communities faced with unemployment and starvation.

Writer & Director

Toby Wosskow

Executive Producer

Sir Richard Branson


Toby Wosskow, Charlie Hicks, Emmanuel Castis, Erika Klopper


Welile Nzuza, Sherldon Marema, Ayanda Seoka, Dimpho Motloung, Mpho Noko


Bonus Content

SAFF Committee member and Owner of Rex Ideas, Collins Rex, chats to Toby Wosskow, Writer/Director of the short film, “Sides of a Horn”. Toby shares his motivation for making the film, raising money on Kickstarter, and forming strong bonds with the local community.

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