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Jozi Gold

About the film

Grandmother Mariette Liefferink, an impassioned environmental crusader who has lobbied government and mine owners for over a decade to remediate the devastating pollution caused by gold mining in Johannesburg and surrounds, shows us that one person can make a difference. Dogged research, courage, determination and a desire to find meaning underlie Liefferink’s relentless campaign to tackle the widespread pollution generated by now-abandoned mines. Not only the shanty dwellers scrabbling in the dirt on former mine properties, but all who breathe the City of Gold’s toxic air or drink its polluted waters are impacted by the wanton failure of corporations and politicians to deal with the environmental degradation. Liefferink keeps on fighting, feisty to the end.


Fredrik Gertten, Sylvia Vollenhoven


Margarete Jangard


Fredrik Gertten, Stefan Sundlöf


Mariette Liefferink


Bonus Content

In this heartfelt Interview, Geoff Solarsh, Community Paediatrician, invites the depths of heart from both the filmmaker, Sylvia Vollenhoven and the wonderful protagonist activist Jozi ala Mariette Liefferink. Be prepared to be both confronted and amazed by the sheer passion to be found in Mariette (voice only - no visuals) and the creativity and integrity of Sylvia.

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